Work Zone Safety Links 04-19-2013

The McHenry County Division of Transportation would like to thank everyone for supporting the 2013 National Work Zone Awareness Week and remember to respect work zones every day, not just this week.

Work Zone Safety Links 04-18-2013

Did you know that in 2010, there were 4,863 crashes in work zones that resulted in 24 fatalities and 1,525 injuries?  Please use extra caution on our areas work zones!!!!

Work Zone Safety Links 04-17-2013

Did you know that going 45 MPH in a work zone that is posted at 35 MPH will only save you 47 seconds of travel time if the work zone is 2 miles long?  The McHenry County Division of Transportation reminds you that work zone speed limits are for driver’s safety and workers safety.  Saving an extra minute or two by speeding in a work zone is just not worth it.  Check out this video to learn more

Work Zone Safety Links 04-16-2013

The McHenry County Division of Transportation reminds you to slow down in work zones and respect the work environment of those who work on our areas roadways.  Watch this video to see if you would like someone driving through the place where you work at 55 MPH.

Work Zone Safety Links 04-15-2013

As part of the MCDOT’s recognition of 2013 National Work Zone Awareness Week, please remember “We’re All In This Together” and check out this video describing why work zone safety is so important to the men and women who work on our roads every day.

2013 National Work Zone Awareness Week

This week as construction season starts to begin on our area’s roadways, the McHenry County Division of Transportation joins other agencies across the country in recognizing the 2013 National Work Zone Awareness Week.  Each year in April, Work Zone Awareness Week is held to provide an extra reminder to everyone of the importance of safe and effective work zone operations. While work zone awareness is certainly needed year round, this extra reminder is provided this month because that’s when road construction increases significantly in many parts of the country after the winter. This year’s theme is “We’re All in this Together” is a reminder for everyone: it is for road users – motorists, commercial vehicle operators, motorcyclists, bicyclists, pedestrians; it is for workers – flaggers, construction engineers, laborers, designers, traffic control providers, utility workers; it is for law enforcement officers; it is for emergency services and first responders; it is for industry and industry associations.  As a driver, you can encounter a work zone anywhere.  Whether it’s your local town’s public works crews patching a pot hole on the street you live on, a paving or reconstruction project on one of our County or State highways, or a massive reconstruction project on the tollway, every work zone deserves extra attention and awareness to keep both drivers and workers safe. 

 As a reminder, hand held cell phone use is prohibited in a work zone, regardless if there is a sign restricting its use or not.  In 2011 statewide, there were 4,863 total crashes in work zones resulting in 24 fatalities and 1,525 injuries.  For more information watch the YouTube Public service announcement presented by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, Federal Highway administration, and the American Traffic Safety Services Association:


Starting on Thursday, November 29th, the newly built roadways on IL 31, Virginia Road, and Klasen Road will be completely open to traffic.  Expect a slight delay soon after 9 AM this Thursday while the traffic signals are switched over.

Please be aware, however, of continuing daily lane closures that may need to happen to button up the project for the year. We have appreciated your patience during the entire year. Thank you.

Traffic Switch Notice

Traffic switch to Stage 3 configuration scheduled for Friday 11-16-2012.  SB IL Rte 31 will be moved to the permanent SB lanes.  One lane will be open in each direction with left turn lanes to Klasen Rd and Virginia Rd.


ATTENTION: Access to Trinity Drive from IL Route 31 is scheduled to be closed on Monday morning, September 24th 2012. The closure is necessary in order to complete the roadway improvements at the intersection of Trinity Drive and IL Route 31. Trinity Drive will be accessible from Virginia Road.

If you have any questions relating to the project, please use this website to ask questions and/or sign up for email alerts for project updates. Thank you for your patience with the ongoing roadwork and please remember to drive safely and watch out for workers in the Work Zone.


On Friday, September 14, 2012; weather permitting, the temporary traffic signals at IL 31 and realigned Virginia Road will be turned on. Motorists will then be able to access realigned Virginia Road from IL Route 31 and vice versa. Please be cautious driving through the work zone on the 14th as motorists will be getting used to the new traffic pattern/temporary traffic signals.